It pays to be a Member! 5-Star Coverage

** Membership enrollment procedures will be emailed individually upon request to join.

Active Members - Dues  for Active members  are currently  $48.00 per month,  $24.00 bi-weekly payments or $624.00 a year. Payment of dues can be made bi-weekly, monthly or annually  through automatic deductions. 

Retired Members pay $48.00 per year. Retired membership entitles the member to website access, a quarterly digital newsletter. participation on committees,  and special meetings  reserved for members.

A United Voice​ - The  Air Marshal National Council  provides members with a united voice to articulate priority issues to the appropriate authorities both within and outside the Federal Air Marshal Service.

Internal Legal Representation - The Air Marshal National Council  has under retainer a  law firm specializing in federal employment law. Members of the AMNC are entitled to free legal consultation for internal administrative actions and follow up representation as required. Our legal counsel has years of experience in dealing with the procedures of the federal government to include the Transportation Security Administration and the Federal Air Marshal Service. 

Internal Advocacy – Using established lines of communication with executive management personnel the AMNC  will advocate on behalf of its members in professional, administrative and personal matters. 

Professional Advocacy on The Hill – The Air Marshal National Council currently   represents its members interest before Congress and the Administration.  The  AMNC is skilled at navigating the complexities of Capitol Hill and have a demonstrated record of success.

Inclusive OWCP Coverage- From helping AMNC members with the initial filing of a claim, to assisting members  with gathering and compiling medical documentation, all the way through the appeal process if necessary, we are ready, willing, and able to provide members with representation and advocacy  needed to file and successfully win workers' compensation claims. 

Electronic News Dissemination – Membership is reserved for current and retired Federal Air Marshals and support staff.  Once your membership is established you will receive periodic FAMS related news.