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SAY "NO" Your OWCP Claim
Depends On It!!!!

Managed Care Advisors
I received a call from a woman that I had
never heard of before…

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Privacy Act Federal Air Marshals
are you rights being violated?

If your rights have been violated by the
agency, you can file a Privacy Act Violation.

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countdown start jun

If your rights have been violated by the
agency, you can file a Privacy Act Violation.

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For assistance, call DR. DOUGLAS CELL (443) 889-5666 or TOLL FREE HOTLINE (866) 276-4615


We will give everything we’ve got to ensure the voices of those left behind are heard, even as they’ve endured a pain few of us could imagine.

We will do whatever it takes to ensure that no other FAMs succumb to the stresses of an unsustainable schedule, strained home lives, or extremely low morale in our work lives.

With that said, the AMNC contacted Dr. Robert E. Douglas, Jr., the head and founder of the National Police Suicide Foundation. Dr. Douglas, Jr., has agreed to partner with the Air Marshal National Council to provide immediate support to those of us who feel that we need it. He is a retired police officer from the Baltimore City Police Department and has many years of experience in understanding the stresses of law enforcement on the local, state, and federal level going back to 1997.

As the stresses of our fellow FAMs increase, so does the risk of suicide. If you ever feel that you may need help please call the toll free hotline or call Dr . Douglas directly on his cell, both are listed below. We have built a partnership with Dr. Douglas , after many discussions, he is a great guy who is very easygoing and very pleasant to talk with. Anyone who calls will remain anonymous if they choose, Dr. Douglas understands the “ThinBlue” line, he is a seasoned professional, dedicated advocate and a great resource.

Thank you and stay safe,


The Air Marshal National Council


National Police Suicide Foundation

The National Police Suicide Foundation was founded in 1997 and was granted 501(c)3 status as a non-profit educational foundation. Donations to the foundation are tax deductible. The foundation was created due to the increasing number of suicides in the police profession, and it has grown to include emergency responders.

Dr. Robert E. Douglas, Jr. Founder and Executive Director of the National Police Suicide Foundation, Inc. is a retired police agent from the Baltimore City Police Department. Mr. Douglas is considered a leading expert in the area of police suicide, according to DATELINE, CNN, Time Magazine, and USA Today.

Bob is a member of the American Association of Suicidologists, Senior Chaplain for ICPC, and a recipient of the Jack Price Award. He is the author of three books, Death With No Valor, Hopes Beyond the Badge, and Healing for a Hero’s Heart.

In July 1994, Bob retired as an Agent after serving 20 years with the Baltimore City Police Department, and 5 years as a patrol officer with the Temple Terrace Police Department, in Temple Terrace Florida. He holds a B.S. degree from the University of South Florida in

criminal justice and a Masters Degree in Police Administration from the University of Baltimore. Bob also has a Masters’s degree in theology from St. Mary’s Seminary and recently completed his Doctorate degree in Pastoral Counseling. He retired as the Senior Pastor at Jenkins Memorial Church in Riviera Beach, Maryland, after 24 years of service. He currently is Pastor of Compassionate Shepherd Ministries in Laurel, Delaware. Bob also served as police Chaplain for FOP Lodge #3 in Baltimore City, from 1988 to 2002, served as Chaplain for Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms (ATF) in Washington, D.C. and lectured at the FBI National Academy.

7015 Clark Road, Seaford, DE. 19973

Dr. Douglas cell (443) 889-5666 Toll Free Hotline (866) 276-4615

FIND OUT MORE BUTTON with link to https://www.psf.org/